Why is my Power XL Air Fryer not heating up?

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Is your Power air fryer not heating up?

In this article, I’m going to solve this air fryer not heating up problem step by step without any tools.

Also, there is a FAQ section at the bottom of this article where I’ve answered some of the questions from the comment section.

Why is my Power Air Fryer not heating up?
Why is my Power Air Fryer not heating up?

Let’s get started:

Why is my Power Air Fryer not heating up?

The main reasons could be a faulty cable, a heating element, or a blown fuse. Other reasons could be not setting the temp manually, you forget to set the cooking time duration, or the door isn’t closed properly.

Let’s look at the causes of the air fryer not heating up:

  1. Faulty power cable: This is one of the main reasons for the heating issue. The power cable can be damaged by normal wear and tear. So checking the power cable of an air fryer should be your main priority. You can use a multimeter to check continuity or use a tester for proper supply checking at the other terminal.
  2. Setting manual temperature: The most advanced air fryer comes with pre temp. setting according to the food you choose on the display. But if you forgot to set it manually then your air fryer will not start heating automatically.
  3. Setting the cooking time: Even if you forget to set the cooking time, then the air fryer will not start heating so that your food doesn’t burn which also can start a fire.
  4. Open air fryer door: If you put too much food in the air fryer basket or pot then the door may not be appropriately closed or not have enough space for hot air to circulate. In these cases, the air fryer won’t start heating.
  5. Heating element: If all the mentioned are not the cause of heating, then the heating element may not get a proper power supply. In this case, you need to contact a technician or go to the brand store for service.

Power XL Air Fryer Fan is Not Working

If your Powerxl air fryer fan isn’t working then the probable causes are- the door isn’t closed properly or the fan doesn’t have any power supply. To solve these problems you need to follow the methods listed below:

  • The door isn’t closed properly: The power air fryers have a switch below the drawer which is pushed below (which means turned ON) when the drawer is properly closed. It’s a safety button so that the air fryer doesn’t cause any accidents. To fix this, check the drawer is closed properly and click sound is heard while closed.
  • The fan isn’t getting any power supply: If the above step is done properly, next check if you can set the proper cooking time function. If you can, and the fan isn’t rotating then the main cause of this could be a faulty motor power supply. To fix this, you’ve to see a technician for proper fixing.

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  1. My PowerXL that i received one year ago has stopped working. I hardly ever use it, but when i tried to the other day, it barely heats up and won’t cook it bake, or air fry anything. Do you have any suggestions on what to do? Are there any warranties on your products? Appliances should last longer than one year. This appliance was purchased at Sam’s club for Christmas.
    Thank you


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