Is there an Air Fryer with stainless steel Basket?

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Believe me or not:

Many of us, don’t like Teflon-coated items, because of their harmful side effects.

Right? And the question rises- is there an Air Fryer with stainless steel basket?

In this guide, I will help you to find a stainless steel basket containing an air fryer with actual user reviews and FAQs.

Let’s get started:

Are there air fryers with stainless steel baskets?

Yes, there are a bunch of high-quality air fryers with stainless steel baskets. These stainless steel air fryers are great at producing the fried texture that we all want. Some air fryers come with stainless steel baskets only, others come with stainless steel interiors with the basket. Air fryers with stainless steel baskets and interiors are more costly than those containing only the basket.

Now we’re going to take a look at the trending air fryers list with stainless steel baskets and later we’re going to talk about the benefits of using a stainless steel basket as well as how to clean these types of air fryers easily.

Best Air fryers with stainless steel baskets

Here is the list of air fryers with stainless steel baskets and racks:

Elite Platinum EAF-05SS – Air fryer with stainless steel interior

A budget-friendly air fryer that comes with stainless steel basket is the Elite Platinum 05SS model.

It has a power of 1400 watts and comes with a high-power convection fan that envelopes food in temperatures of 140 to 400 F degrees.

The model has a 304-grade stainless steel basket that is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. It has no Teflon so that means it’s PFOA or PTFE Free.

 A 60-minute timer automatically shuts off the Elite Platinum air fryer at the end of the cooking cycle. You can set it manually according to your recipe.

Benefits of using stainless steel basket in an air fryer

Here’s the list of benefits you will get when using a stainless steel basket over a Teflon-coated non-stick materials:

  • Durability

In an air fryer, the temperature may rise to about 400 F and in some rare cases beyond it. When it comes to Teflon, it can withstand up to 400 F, as per the manufacturer’s guide and after that, it will start to flake and dissolve with food.

However, stainless steel can withstand the 400 F temperature easily. It can withstand around 2500 F depending upon the grade of the stainless steel.

  • Health risk

Teflon is harmful to our health. The chemical associated with this is called “perfluorooctanoic acid” or PFOA. IARC has classified PFOA as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B), based on limited evidence in humans that it can cause testicular and kidney cancer, and limited evidence in lab animals.

According to MightyNest, when using stainless steel cookware, know that deeply scratched and pitted pans can cause metals (nickel and chromium) to migrate into food in trace amounts. These are not toxic elements, so there is no real cause for concern unless you have a specific allergy or sensitivity.

  • Cleaning issues

Stainless steels are easier to clean than Teflon-coated items. Non-stick-coated Teflon items are prone to scratch and require much more time to clean with the gentle use of a mild sponge.

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