Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling? (and What to do next?)

Is your air fryer basket is peeling?

No worries! In this article we are going to answe this question.

Also we are going to help you to guide through the next step you should take clean, prevent anymore peeling. Happy?

Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling?

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Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling?

There could be many reasons if your air fryer is peeling. Most of the time it would be cheap quality and harsh cleaning. Wrong temperature cooking or placing your air fryer basket improperly could be the reason too.

Main reasons of air fryer basket peeling are:

  1. Harsh cleaning: When cleaning your air fryer (or any other non-stick surface) you have to take special care about that. You cannot use metal sponges to clean the surface. For easy cleaning you can hot water and mild sponge to clean the leftovers.
  2. High temperature: Cooking food at a higher temperature can cause the Teflon coating to peel off. Using a proper temperature for cooking can increase the longevity of the fryer.
  3. Cheap product quality: In most of the cases this is the main cause of air fryer peeling. Poor quality materials will wear off easily even you cooking food at proper temp or using mild cleaning techniques.

If you’re using metal sponges to clean air fryer basket it can tear down the Teflon coating. Make sure to setting the temperature correctly when cooking food. For reference, you can use our air fryer cooking chart with temp. guide.

Is Air Fryer Basket Peeling Normal?

Yes. Every non-stick coating eventually wears off. It varies brand to brand. Some brands of fryers peel after a few months, while others do not peel up until some years. The proper way to get a perfect air fryer is to invest a premium price for an air fryer.

What can you do about peeling?

If your air fryer started to peel off then start using a parchment paper (or baking paper) so that teflon isn’t mixed up with your food. If it’s in warranty, replace or return it. If not, use mild cleaning, set proper temp. and handle with care.

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