Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling? (and What to do next?)

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Is your air fryer basket is peeling?

How to protect air fryer basket coating?

Can you recoat your air fryer basket?

In this article, we’ll show you what you should do if your air fryer is already peeling off and how to prevent any more damage with its remedy.

Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling?
Why is my Air Fryer basket peeling?

Why is my air fryer basket peeling?

Teflon is also known as PTFE. The surface of PTFE at room temperature is affected only by molten alkali and fluorine in some cases. Harsh cleaning, high temperature, and cheap materials are one of the main reasons why your basket coating is peeling off.

Does the Philips air fryer contain Teflon?

Yes, the Philips air fryer contains Teflon, however, it is PFOA-free and food safe. In 2013, PFOA was taken out of Teflon for food grade safe tag. PFOA is the harmful chemical that was present in Teflon.

Why does Teflon flake off air fryer baskets?

Using Harsh Chemicals to clean air fryer baskets

When cleaning your air fryer (or any other non-stick surface) you have to take special care about that. You can’t use a metal sponge to clean the surface.

For easy cleaning, you can hot water and a mild sponge to clean the leftovers.

Cheap or poor-quality air fryers

Not all Air Fryers are created equally and as you say you usually get what you pay for. When buying an air fryer, you’ve to account for price and quality equally.

Some air fryer brands use a thin layer of coating or cheap coating with chemicals to keep the cost in check. These types of coating don’t withstand regular use. After some time the coating started to peel off.

The cheap coatings can’t withstand high temperatures as well and break down quicker at higher temperatures. So when purchasing an air fryer always check its warranty and return policy.

Using Cooking sprays than nature oils

Most cooking sprays contain chemicals along with cooking oil, so it’s better to use virgin oil or extra virgin oil for seasoning purposes.

Cooking sprays contain many ingredients besides the actual cooking oil, other elements such as anti-foaming agents, butane or propane-based propellant, and an emulsifier called lecithin.

The lecithin breaks down Teflon causing it to become more sticky instead of nice and slippery.

Minor scratches due to the use

When you use your air fryer regularly there might be some minor scratches due to excessive use, or sliding the basket improperly. These scratches are not visible most of the time, but you should be careful when using the air fryer for its long lifespan.

How to re-coat the air fryer basket?

No, you can’t recoat Teflon coating in your air fryer basket. However, you can season your basket with the help of coconut oil or olive oil before cooking.

Using a paper towel, scoop out some Coconut Oil and rub it all over the Air Fryer basket. Just a thin layer is needed. Also, you can preheat it for 30-60 seconds before doing the actual cooking.

Can I still use my air fryer if it’s peeling?

Yes, if you’ve got an air fryer that’s PFOA-free, you can use it even if it’s peeling. PFOA-free Teflon coating is considered safe. To keep your air fryer coating not sticking to your food you can use parchment paper inside the basket.

Most premium brands like Ninja air fryers, Corsori air fryers, and Philips air fryers come with PFOA-free Teflon coating.

To know if your air fryer is PFOA-free or not, check the user manual or the website, you’ve purchased from.

What can you do about peeling?

If your air fryer started to peel off then start using parchment paper (or baking paper) so that Teflon isn’t mixed up with your food. If it’s under warranty, replace or return it. If not, use mild cleaning, and set the proper temp. and handle with care.

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