Can you cook frozen food in an Air Fryer? (FREE cooking Chart)

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We’ll have been there:

Taking french fries, chicken or spring rolls right out of the freezer, throw them in the air fryer, and eat in a couple of minutes. Mouth watering moment…

And the question came into our mind: “Can you cook frozen food in an Air Fryer?

In this article, I am going to answer the question with a free frozen food cooking chart which will comes handy while cooking different foods.

Let’s get started:

Can you cook frozen food in an Air Fryer?

Yes! You can cook frozen food in an air fryer with slightly changed cooking settings. It’s harmless for health and cooking times are less compared to a microwave or conventional oven. Air fryers are less time consuming for frozen food due its high temperature capabilities.

For example:

If any food requires 20 minutes (according to it’s label) to cook on a microwave or an oven, then in an air fryer it’ll take around 50% less time compared to others. So that’s means it’ll take around 10 minutes for the same food to cooked.

But many of air fryer users, reduces the cooking time setting only to 25% of the mentioned time. This is a riskier move as the the temperature of an air fryer quickly reaches to 400 F, overcooked/burned food maybe come out of the air fryer.

Air Fryer Frozen Food Cooking Chart

Here is the frozen food cooking chart:

Food NameTemperatureCooking time
Frozen Chicken Breast (Small)350° F | 176° C15 mins
Frozen Chicken Nuggets390° F | 199° C12 mins
Frozen Boneless Wings360° F | 176° C14 mins
Frozen Chicken Fries390° F | 199° C8 mins
Frozen Chicken Fajita400° F | 204° C7 mins
Frozen Chicken Tenders390° F | 199° C12 mins
Frozen Fish Sticks360° F | 176° C 9-12 mins
Frozen Pizza400° F | 204° C11-14 mins

Here’s how to Cook Frozen Food in an Air Fryer:

After seeing the frozen food cooking chart, you can use the below step to properly cook in an air fryer.

Step 1: Checking the food quantity and cooking time. Look for the temperature required for cooked food from the above chart. Now set the cooking time half of the mentioned temp for microwave or an oven.

Step 2: Fill the air fryer basket properly. many of us, put as many as possible chicken pieces in the basket leading to under cooked food. Not good for health & taste poorer. Put as low as possible and use sauces properly.

Step 3: Make sure shake the food halfway of cooking. Now enjoy your food.

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